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Creating a Nanny Contract

A Guide for Parents When Compiling a Nanny Contract

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The journey to find a nanny for your family can stir up a range of emotions. You might feel excited at the prospect of having support, anxious about entrusting your child to someone new and hopeful that you'll find the right fit who will become a part of your family.

Once you've found a nanny, it's important for both parties to feel secure and understood in this professional relationship. That's where a nanny contract comes into play.

Why a Nanny Contract is Essential

A nanny contract isn't merely paperwork. It's a peace-of-mind agreement. It ensures you and your nanny have aligned expectations about the job scope, hours, compensation and other aspects of the role. This clarity from the outset prevents misunderstandings and builds a foundation of trust and professionalism.

What Should a Nanny Contract Include?

  1. Job Description: Start with a detailed job description, including the children's ages, any special needs and the expected duties. Be clear about what's required, whether it's meal prep, light housekeeping related to the children or homework help. This specificity helps avoid any ambiguity about responsibilities.

  2. Work Schedule and Hours: Clearly outline the expected work schedule, including start and end times and any flexibility required. Discuss how overtime will be handled and specify any expectations for night or weekend care.

  3. Compensation and Benefits: Detail the nanny's salary, including how and when they will be paid. Include information on tax withholdings and discuss any benefits, such as health insurance, paid time off and holiday pay. It's also important to agree on a process for expense reimbursement for any out-of-pocket costs incurred by the nanny while caring for your children.

  4. Vacation and Sick Leave: Clearly outline policies for vacation time, sick leave and holidays. Specify how much advance notice you require for vacation requests and how sick days are handled.

  5. Confidentiality Agreement: Ensure there's a clause that protects your family's privacy. The nanny should understand what is considered confidential information and the importance of not sharing personal details about your family.

  6. Termination Conditions: Define the conditions under which either party can terminate the contract, including notice periods and any grounds for immediate termination.

How Duluth Poppins Can Help

You might wonder where to start or how to find the right resources to draft such an important document. That's where services like Duluth Poppins come in handy. Not only can we assist in matching you with the perfect nanny for your family's unique needs, but we also provide guidance on creating a comprehensive nanny contract. By ensuring that all the necessary terms are covered, we help lay the groundwork for a positive and long-lasting relationship between you and your nanny.


By setting clear expectations and boundaries from the start, you can avoid potential misunderstandings and focus on what's truly important: the well-being and development of your children. Remember, a nanny is more than just a caregiver; they become a part of your family's daily life.

Taking the time to formalize this relationship with a contract is not just about dotting I's and crossing T's—it's about building trust, respect and a mutual commitment to the happiness and safety of your kiddos. With the right approach and resources like Duluth Poppins, you can navigate this process with confidence. So, have you thought about what your ideal nanny relationship looks like? Contact Duluth Poppins to start a discussion about your childcare needs.



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