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Babysitting Service

Discover the same exceptional quality of our nanny matchmaking service, now for occasional care! Our affordable subscription empowers you to request a fully vetted babysitter from our roster of trustworthy caregivers. No more canceling plans or last-minute searches. With Duluth Poppins, finding childcare just became hassle-free. Let us make your life easier!

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Whats Included

With our app, you will have access to our entire roster of highly qualified, fully vetted, trustworthy sitters. Included is unlimited use of our easy-to-navigate booking calendar. The team at Duluth Poppins is hands-on and invested in having real relationships with the families that connect with us. We strive to make sure that all of our families are happy and comfortable all the while your kiddos are having fun and being taken care of.


How Does it Work

Once you've purchased your membership or registered as a guest, open the app and log-in. From there, you can hit the "plus" button on the bottom to start booking! You'll include your needs for that particular job, any special considerations, and then you can let our app choose your best match or hand-pick sitters yourself! The job will get sent out, one of our incredible sitters will pick it up, and you'll be connected!


Filter for Special Cosidersations

Have a kiddo with a food allergy? A doggie who needs to be let out? One of your kids under the weather? Our app allows you to filter for your family’s specific needs so you always get a sitter who has experience with your situation. We have filters for special needs, medical needs, pets at home, work from home parents, infant care, and more! Find a sitter that you absolutely love? Request them each time!


Sitter Qualifications

At Duluth Poppins, we don't hire just anyone. Here are the requirements to babysit with us:

​1) 17 years or older

2) Minimum of 2 years providing direct care to children​

3) 2 verified professional references

4) 2 verified personal references 5)CPR/First Aid/AED Certification

6) Social media and character check

7) Comprehensive background and driving check



Babysitter Pricing

Our sitters start at $17 an hour, and the rate increases based on factors including the number of kids, the age and experience of the sitter, and if there are any complex needs. You will always be able to see the cost estimate before you book! 

Read sitter bios here.


Flat, Fair Membership Pricing

With our app, we aim for complete transparency. To access the service and our full trustworthy roster of caregivers, you pay either for your membership or the $35 single use non-member fee. When you book a job, you’ll see the cost of the job right at booking. We never take any of our sitter’s income- you pay them directly as we believe they are professionals who should keep what they earn.

Still Feeling Apprehensive?

The team at Duluth Poppins takes a hands-on approach to all sitter matches.  Want help navigating the app? Want a little more information on your sitter? Want our staff to hand-select you a great match? Call or email us! We are here in person from start to finish. 

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