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Karine Kvam owner

Duluth Poppins, a sister company to Rochester Poppins, is a local, family-owned agency serving the greater Duluth area. We are run by our owner and operator, Karine Kvam, and her small team of local helpers and professionals.

Meet Karine, a Minnesota native with a passion for connecting with others. Her natural communication skills and approachable demeanor make her an excellent listener, always striving to understand people's goals. With a background in Psychology and Special Education, Karine has an impressive array of experiences, including being a Mental Health Child Counselor, Preschool Teacher, Autism Specialist, and providing one-on-one care for children from diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Over the past decade, Karine has been involved in various roles, such as Household Manager, Traveling Nanny, Live-In Nanny, and Live-Out Nanny. Her commitment to professional development is evident, with extensive training in interpersonal communications, child psychology, early childhood development, therapeutic methods, behavior observation, neuroscience, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, and youth & family systems.

Having experienced the challenges of finding the right match in household staff herself, Karine recognized the need for a strong Nanny industry locally. In 2021, she founded Rochester Poppins to fulfill this need. With the overwhelming support and feedback received, coupled with her pride as a Bulldog alumni and recruitment from Tracy Ramsey + Partners, Karine was inspired to extend the Poppins legacy to her favorite Minnesota city, Duluth.

Curious to learn more? Check out the article on Poppins' debut in the Rochester childcare scene here.

With our ever-growing team of dedicated professionals, we aim to create a supportive and informed community. Together, we are committed to empowering families and fostering a nurturing environment for children to thrive.


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-Exceptional care for children that meets their developmental needs rather than simply getting them through the day.

-Integrity every step of the way. 

-Strategy, precision, and positive insight in the match-making process.

-Retention and long-term matches, whenever possible.

-Empowering Nannies and families to uphold industry standards for sustainable and fulfilling partnerships.

-Opportunities for Grandnannies, Mannies, and everyone in-between.

-Parents feeling fully supported to take their place in the workforce, knowing their home is in great hands.

-Opportunity for everyone, regardless of race, faith, or orientation. We welcome everyone.

-Safety of children, families, and Nannies in all placements.

-Giving back to local community members and organizations in need.




Our evidence-based childcare advice is something we emphasize every step of the way in our educational resources and in the Nannies that work with us.

What is developmental psychology? Developmental psychology is a field that covers human development throughout the lifespan, from birth through death. It focuses on understanding how the human brain develops, and how previous areas of development affect future stages of life. Using developmental psychology to guide our parenting choices, we can raise kiddos who are well equipped for adulthood with a solid foundation of emotional and mental health. We empower our caregivers and families to teach kids how to navigate the world around them in a peaceful and cooperative way. 

Developmental Psych-Backed Childcare Advice

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